Choosing the right fabric to suit you.

Changing the way we look at tailoring

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for your suit it can be overwhelming. One of the many joys I get from being a tailor is the endless range of fabrics I deal with on a daily basis. It’s taken many years to appreciate the work that goes into making suiting fabrics and learn not every fabric is as it seems. I’ve had many a failed using fabrics that I’d inherited through various people in the trade. It was never a financial dent but the hours lost and admitting defeat always hurt a little.

This however isn’t the case with Dormeuil’s Calypso range. I’m always a drawn to anything that has a linen like feel and this 80% wool / 20% linen blend certainly delivers that. It’s lightness in weight speaks for itself and immediately conjures up feelings of summer. It’s crisp handling is a direct result of the linen content without the wrinkling effect we so often associate with flax materials.

Every colour option possible

What is most striking about this range is the colour palette it offers. The Calypso is for the more striking gentleman who wants that splash of colour and check in his wardrobe. This is a refreshing change from the fabrics we generally see when it comes to suiting.

It took less than a day to choose several combinations I could see myself in and within 24 hours I had succumb to placing an order with Dormiuel.

Using a high quality fabric ensures you have a high quality suit when it comes to wear and tear. If you love your suit as much as we do at Mr Cuff you’ll probably be wearing it all the time. The last thing you want is you suit coming apart at the seams and using Doreuil ensures that.

Laurent and Robin always keep us in business.

Image: Jarrad Cuff

a quality suit comes down the fabric choice.

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  • Kylie

    It’s so helpful to know that Mr Cuff works with ethical and small fabric providers that go the extra mile to provide a quality product. Now that I’m more aware of the environmental and human cost of fast fashion, bespoke is definitely the way to go!


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