Mr. Cuff wedding garments

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We understand that looking your best on your special day is one of the most important things. At Mr Cuff we pride ourselves in making that happen so you walk out in the perfect bespoke suit.

We’re specialists in designing and creating bespoke suits and can help you with your wedding party. Whether you’re looking for something formal or something a little more casual, we have an array of fabrics and design options to suit any taste.

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Designing Your Perfect Suit.

When it comes to choosing your wedding suit let our experienced tailor guide you through the process. You’ll be able to customise every aspect of your dream suit from fabric, buttons, lapels and linings and watch your suit being constructed in our studio in Melbourne.

Our suits are made in our studio by hand. That means every suit we make fits perfectly and can be customised to suit any style wedding.

We’ll also be able to pair you with a range of accessories to help finish the job making sure you look sharp.

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